CONTROLS: Use W,A,S,D to move, and E to interact! Mouse to select battle options!

Please play in fullscreen!

Children love visiting the “Fun 4 Kids” museum, but recently the old place has been feeling spooky. Who better to get to the bottom of this conundrum than...Jupiter Jazz, in her very first investigation: Jupiter Jazz, The Great Ghost Detective! Case #00. Will Juniper find any clues about her own unfortunate demise? Can she discover what’s causing creepy creatures to swarm the museum. More importantly: will Juniper Jazz make it to the Dinosaur Tea Party Room? What are you waiting for? Click that play button to find out!

This game was made in two weeks for the Major Jam Isolation! I Really wanted to participate in this jam to learn how to make an RPG! The Battle music is royalty free, the dungeon music and boss song are a friends. I did not make them! I Learned a lot from this, and may continue working on this project! Unfortunately, the game doesn't currently have an ending, or opening cut-scene. Hope you all love it anyways!

Kris Camp: Design, Pixel Art, Programming

Katie Chacon: Dialogue

Kiria Bentley: Banner Image

Tobey-Julian Joseph: Music (Internal Struggles, Underground Smallbot) 

Special thanks to:

 Devon Hawley (Code Master):  for helping squish bugs

Brackeys: For excellent tutorials!

Development log


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I love this! I definitely want to see the full game when it's finished.

In terms of feedback, let me see... I did find myself confused about the Spectral Orb attack (how it works, if the damage is random or not, etc), but other than that the battling is totally intuitive. I noticed a few errors with the dialogue, like how Juniper repeats the line about Chamomile twice, and there seems to be a bit missing from the dialogue when inspecting the... pillowcase? The end screen says "your dead" instead of "you're dead" and the portrait of Putnam uses "beloved" twice in the same sentence (which isn't an error, but it's the sort of thing I point out when I proofread).

Hope any of that was helpful!

All of this was very helpful! :) Thanks for playing my game and thanks for the heads up on the dialogue problems! I'll patch them out in the next build!