A downloadable VR Game for Windows

Players will need one computer for one player, and a VR headset for the other.

Note: The VR portion of the game has only been tested on the Oculus Quest 2

PC Player:

Hunt... and be hunted. From the stygian pits below emerges a terrible, gnashing maw. You can run, you can hide, but you will have no respite until the beast is plunged back into the abyss from whence it came.

Spare your fear. Gird your loins. Kill the Maw.

  • WASD - move
  • LShift -- sprint
  • Space -- jump (you can double-jump)
  • Ctrl ---- crouch/hide
  • LMB --- shoot
  • RMB --- aim down sights
  • Q ------- send out a doppelganger (distract the beast)
  • E -------- cloak (hide from the beast)

VR Player:

The surface beckons. Too long have you been confined in the chambers of Hell. Go forth and scour the earth. Find the puny heretic and dispose of it with haste.

  • Grab the ground/buildings to move around
  • Crush your enemy to win


Kris Camp - 3D Character Models/3D Environmental Assets

Fintan Neff - Player Controller Programming/ UI

Christian Hotte - VR Programming/ Special Effects

Garrett Chinian - 3D Building Assets/ Level Design

This Game was made for the 2022 FSU Fall Game Jam


Grabbacious Maw.zip 124 MB


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This video game taught me how to be a better man

The monster doesn't come out of the cave


Sorry if this was unclear, this is a 2-player game.  One player plays on mouse and keyboard, the other plays with a VR headset AS the monster