Supports Keyboard AND Controller! 

You can use the X button to select items in the menu, and Z (or A) to go back in the menu.

During gameplay, you can shoot in 5 directions and spam the shoot buttons as fast as you like. You can also press P to pause the game and escape to return to the main menu at any time.

Join Goob in their mission to save the planet GoobStar from the invading balloon menace and watch the world grow around you! Can you beat the game developers High Scores?

Made in one week for the GoGodotJam by (With High Scores!):

Kris Camp -  Art, Music, and Light Programming - 55170

Fintan Neff - Programming, Music, Light Art- N/A

Beta Tested by (With High Scores!):

Charles R. Scott - 95970

Tony Chacon - 76365

Fleurp - 50370

Tobey J Joseph - 65340

Aubrey Brennan - 37045

Jimmy C - 31575

K "Rascally Egg" Chacon - 30570

Jaden S - 18760

Daniel K Berg - 16940

Ben P - 9915

Jill S - 10

Alura - 0

Tom G - N/A

BrynnAlbanese - N/A

Tori Croteau - N/A

OutragedParker - N/A

Kyrstin Camp - N/A

Steven Husband Man - N/A

Sharlene - N/A

If your controls aren't responding, click on the screen to refocus!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Arcade, balloon, bird-and-bean, Cute, Pixel Art, re-pair, Retro, Singleplayer, wario


Download 18 MB


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Around 4 hours into ratings being open I was looking at all the submissions to see how many posts qualified to be judged. This was one of the first games to qualify and I judged by the thumbnail and assumed It was a game an excited 9-11 Year old made. I was happy to see a kid's first game but a bit annoyed how it was one of the first games that qualified. Then I played It and this is literally one of the best game jam games I've ever played. Jesus Christ, you took such a simple idea and ran far, farther than I Could've Imagined a game jam game could go. 5 stars for all categories. 


That's so flattering! You're not entirely wrong, this game was made by a couple of kids, just BIG ones. I'm 28 (Kris Camp, made most of the art, some of the music and programming), And my co Dev is in his early 20's. When making the art for the game, and even when thinking of the game design, I wanted to go for something that an 11 year old me would have popped into his gameboy and played for hours! :D So I'm happy our work captured that feeling! :D Me and my co-designer have been apart of quite a few jams, but i can honestly say this is the first one where we think we've "found the fun", and we are both pretty happy with the result! :D Thanks for playing our game! (And link your game so I can give it a go! )

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riks You and your co dev are adults not kids but i agree that the art style of the game is childish


Nicely done. This was fun to play.

Score: 36305


Thanks for playing our game! :D